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15HP Gasoline Wood Chipper

15HP Gasoline Wood Chipper is  especially wont to crush big wood logs or wood timber, plywood, wood branches, furniture waste into small chips, the thickness of last chips is 3mm-5mm, length and width are about 15-30mm, it's wood chips, not excelsior . By adjusting the knives gap, the outlet chips dimension are going to be adjusted.

  • DQFS15HD

Product Description

Engine: Ducar, Loncin, Honda, Kohler and B&S are optional! Engine Type: 15HP gas engine Displacement: 420cc / Chipping capacity: 4" Weight: 258kgs

Starting System: Recoil/E-start / Displacement: 420cc

Max. Output: 15HP/3600rpm / Engine Speed: 3600rpm

Fuel Volume: 6.5L / Oil Volume: 1.1L / Belt: 2 pcs

Cutting Method: Disc cutting / Drive: Direct Belt Drive

Max chipping capacity: 100mm / Disc cutting blades

Emergency stop lever / 360° rotatable discharge chute

Tire: 4.8-8


Product name: Disc wood chipper

Engine: 420CC 15HP pull start engine

Product size: 2450*1020*1810mm

Belt:2pcs high quality V-belt

Blade length:150mm

Chipping capacity: 120MM

ATV wheel                                                                                                                                        





plywood packing size





1. Quickly removes the unwanted waste
When you are during a situation where a tree is hamper or the limbs are trimmed, the wood chipper can quickly remove the waste with little to no mess. The wood chipper makes the cleaning up process far quicker than the quantity of your time other measures to urge obviate the wood would take. After the wood is chipped and in one pile, the world is clean and you'll use the wood chips for other purposes.
2. Hassle-Free
Having a wood chipper can save time and energy. there's no got to take the effort of driving to the dump repeatedly to obviate the trees or exert energy into other methods of getting rid of the waste. Wood chippers are quite manageable and not even remotely challenging to work . this may allow you to urge obviate the wood in your own space and time without exerting tons of energy and straining from carrying wood.
3. Environment-friendly
Other methods of getting obviate trees and their branches, like burning, are harmful to the environment. The poisonous fumes ascend and help contribute to heating . along side this, it's an unpleasant smell and may be considered a nuisance. The wood chipper safely converts the massive chunks of wood into smaller pieces without affecting anyone or harming the environment.
4. Produce useful materials
The wood chipper converts large pieces of wood into smaller pieces that are very useful. the small wood chips are often used for:
Mulching- the mulch is sweet for plants and may be utilized in gardening. The wood chip holds the moisture within the soil enriching it, contributes to plant growth, regulates the soil temperature and absorbs water, which then seeps into the plant.
Pressed wood- The wood chips can create pressed timber, which is employed to form various wooden objects, even furniture.
Bio-fuel- this is often quite lucrative due to the necessity to use more renewable energy sources. Using special enzymes, the wood chips are often became bio-fuel. this will fuel cars or other machinery.
5. Profitable
The materials, as mentioned above, that the wood chipper is capable of manufacturing are something that persons are willing to buy . Some persons won't have any wood to chop , haven't any access to a wood chipper and are within the position where they have wood chips. Having a wood chipper puts you during a position to can easily supply these person’s needs, opening a stream of income.


BEST APPLICATION; Use for Forestry, Gardens, Landscaping or Green Waste Recycling to chip tree branches, shred brush, mulch leaves and corn stocks; DO NOT use for: fresh greens, pine cones, palm branches, petrified wood or vines.


The branch crusher is based on the original branch crusher plus mobile function, which can easily move the branch crusher to the site where the material is crushed. Applicable materials: mainly for gardens such as twigs, flowers and vines, weeds crushing, can also be used as bamboo chips, dumb branches, corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, corn oranges, peanut seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, peanut skins, dry weeds and other types of miscellaneous dry feed.




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