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Things you should and shouldn't put in a wood chipper

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A wood chipper is a great machine that is not only used for industrial wood cutting for wood recycling jobs but also in agricultural operations for cleanup after bad weather. So when you have a wood chipper, your yard cleanup tasks will be a breeze.


wood chipper



Wood chippers are usually composed of multiple parts, and different types of wood chippers have different powers to help you deal with different scenarios. If you are interested in the classification of wood cutting machines, this article will help you:


Most people associate wood chipping machines with different types of wood, but there are many other materials that can be put into the machine for chipping work.


But are these materials really safe to shred? Should you really put these in your machine? In this article, I'll show you what to put in and what not to.


At the same time, I will also show you how to use the wood chipper safely and how to protect the performance of the wood cutting machine.


What you can put in a wood chipper

Maybe you can put these things in your machine, you'd better follow your guide before putting it, I need to give everyone a warning and a disclaimer, no matter what anyone says, always follow your manual.


If your wood chipper doesn't have the following materials as what you should put in the machine, please don't do it! If something goes wrong, the responsibility is yours.


  • Twigs

A wood chipper is a machine specially designed for wood. So you can put twigs from your garden into your machine, as long as the wood is within the dimensions the machine can handle.



Source: Pixabay


  • Leaves

If you want to put leaves into a wood chipper, then you need to make sure your wood chipper has a separate shredding function. If you put the leaves in a machine that does not have a shredding function, the machine will cause a malfunction.


So when you want to put leaves in the chipper, go to your manual to see if the machine can handle the item, or you'll just damage your machine.



Source: Pixabay


  • Wet wood

When it rains, many branches are often blown down, and your garden may be cluttered at this time. So when you want to clean your yard, you need to first determine what your machine is powered by.


Usually, electric generators are more difficult to handle wet wood and can pose some safety hazards. So you'd better wait until the wood is dry after rain before cleaning your garden.


Not just wet wood, be vigilant when you put other wet items!


wet wood

Source: Pixabay


What you can not put in a wood chipper

Following the manufacturer's guidelines is not only for your safety, but also to keep your machine in top working order.


People are curious and sometimes want to try and chop up a lot of things that aren't part of a wood chipper's job, and end up hurting themselves. Here are the items you should not put in the wood chipper, please pay attention!


  • Bamboo

Bamboo is a very hard natural material. Although it is very durable, wood chipping machines cannot break down such a strong material. And if you try to use the machine to handle this item, it may cause damage to the machine.



Source: Pixabay


  • Animal waste

When you have pets in your home or have a lot of small animals around, you may often face this problem.


When you have pets in your home or have a lot of small animals around, you may often face this problem. Do not try to use machines to help these materials return to nature, you need to follow the corresponding regulations to dispose of the waste from these animals.



Source: Pixabay


If you put this scrap into your machine, it can get stuck in the most difficult crevices of the machine to clean, causing damage to your machine and all kinds of other problems, so don't try that, never!


  • Pressure-treated wood

You should never put pressure-treated wood in a machine because pressure-treated wood contains chemicals that can release toxins and harm your health when you chop wood.


And this wood is usually very hard, which can damage your machine and may not be covered under warranty.



After my introduction above, you can already understand what can be placed and what should not be placed.


But what I have mentioned is only a small part, in the end, you still need to follow your machine guide and check the materials that are allowed to be put into the machine, so long as your safety can be guaranteed.


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