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How to Start a Wood Chipping Business

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Sawdust is a very common material, which is widely used in various scenes, such as gardens, parks, or other public places. Wood chips are valuable materials that can be used for many different purposes.


wood chipper

Wood Chipper


If you are thinking of starting your business, sawdust cutting is a great opportunity. Sawdust cutting can turn a client's yard waste into merchandise that can be used for decorative landscaping and other uses. Below we discuss how to start your own business with a wood chipper.


Uses of wood chips

When you want to start your wood chip business, you need to first understand what wood chips can be used for.


  • Garden mulch

When you have a garden, sawdust mulch is a great material if you want to keep it alive and healthy. Not only does mulch help you keep your soil moist and warm, it also helps to keep weeds from growing in your garden.



  • Children's playground protection

You will definitely have the experience of playing happily in the amusement park when you are a child, but there will inevitably be some safety hazards when children climb high and bottom during the play. At this time, wood chips can be used as an excellent ground protection measure to provide safety for children.


  • Fuel

Sawdust is a good fuel, the size and flammability of wood chips are guaranteed to burn. Wood chips are usually used as ignition materials or fuel for small flames. Wood chips are also important fuels for biomass reactors, which can provide heat and power for engines.


piece of wood

Source: Pixabay


Of course, there are many other uses for wood chips, we encourage you to make full use of wood chips and start your business with wood chips. Later we will introduce you to the different types of wood chipping machines and how you should choose the wood chipping machine you need.


How to select a wood chipper?

There are many different types of wood chippers, and there are also many models depending on the purpose of use. Before you start your business, please understand what kind of chipper you need.


There are many types of wood chippers. The type of power used, it can be divided into three main types, namely electric wood chipper, gas wood chipper, and power take-off (PTO) wood chipper. According to the cutting method, it can be divided into the screw wood chipper, disk wood chipper, and drum wood chipper.


wood chipper-2



Here you can check to get more detail about the different wood chippers:


When you're choosing a wood chipper, don't forget to consider these factors:


  • Capacity

What size of the wood can a chipper cut? Different models of machines correspond to different sizes of wood, and using the wrong model may cause damage to the machine.


  • Blade quality

The quality of the blade is directly related to the working efficiency of the machine, so choose a reliable blade quality.


  • Engine

Different types of engines are suitable for different usage scenarios. Choose the machine that suits you according to your usage scenario.


Wood Chipper Safety

A wood chipper is a highly efficient machine that brings various benefits to your life, but at the same time don't forget that machines are also ruthless, and can have irreversible consequences if you operate them incorrectly or carelessly.


Here are five safety tips for wood chippers using:

  • Read and Understand the Operator's Guide

  • Wear Safety Gear

  • Stay Alert

  • Clean Up the Work Area

  • General Safety


Likewise, you can also follow the links below for more details on how to keep you safe when operating your wood chipper:


Maintenance machine

Don't forget to maintain the machine regularly, this is the way to ensure the performance and long life of the machine. You can learn more about maintaining your machine by checking the owner's manual provided by the manufacturer.



Now that you know most about wood chippers, consider starting your wood chipper business! Starting a business requires creativity and perseverance, and hopefully, you can be successful in your business.

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