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Wood Chippers for Buying Guide

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The wood chipperis a versatile and convenient device that can chop branches, wood, and other sturdy yard materials into sawdust or mulch to save money and energy. We are experts in wood chippers and can help you find the wood chipper that best suits your needs.The best wood chipper for your yard must be able to accommodate the branches you feed into it, and it should also meet your power requirements. Therefore, when buying a wood chipper, consider the size, budget, power, etc. There are many sizes and models to choose from on the market, and we have compiled this guide to help you find the best wood chipper for you.

Types of wood chippers

There are many types of wood chippers. According to the type of power used, it can be divided into three main types, namely electric wood chipper, gas wood chipper, and power take-off (PTO) wood chipper. According to the cutting method, it can be divided into the screw wood chipper, disk wood chipper, and drum wood chipper

Electric wood chipper

The electric chipper is driven by an electric motor and is very suitable for small branches with a diameter of no more than three inches. If you just clean up small branches and garden trims, then the electric wood chipper can completely solve the problem. It is compact and quiet, and it is also more portable, lighter and mobile. Most importantly, it is cheaper than gas or PTO wood chippers. Its only limitation is that it needs to use an electrical outlet and cannot move freely.

Gas wood chipper

The gas wood chipper can handle wood up to 3 inches in diameter and larger branches and is the most commonly used residential wood chipper. It has no restrictions on wires and can be used more freely. But it is louder than an electric wood chipper. In addition, the gas wood chipper also emits chemical odors generated by burning gasoline. It is recommended to wear masks, gloves, and earmuffs when using.

Power take-off (PTO) wood chipper

The PTO wood chipper is ideal for large farms with many large trees that need constant maintenance. It is connected to a tractor, lawnmower, or truck and draws energy from the vehicle's engine. This way of providing energy makes PTO wood chippers more efficient than gas or electric wood chippers. It can easily handle branches with a cutting diameter of more than 6 inches. But the PTO wood chipper is very expensive and additionally requires a compatible vehicle to provide power. Otherwise, it will not work.

Screw wood chipper

The screw wood chipper uses a rotating tapered blade to cut branches. Since the tapered blade is not large, it is more portable and especially suitable for ordinary household use. However, the size of the chips that can be cut by the screw wood chipper is also limited.

Disk wood chipper

The disk wood chipper uses a slotted steel disk combined with a vertically rotating shredding blade to shred wood. It is suitable for handling medium-sized materials and larger branches. However, due to the size of the slots and blades, the disk wood chipper is very inefficient when cutting smaller materials and branches.

Drum wood chipper

The drum wood chipper uses large horizontal blades to cut thick materials such as tree trunks and logs into wood chips. It has a powerful gas engine and is suitable for cutting large amounts of heavy wood. However, due to the huge volume of the drum wood chipper, it is very inconvenient to move and needs to be towed by an ATV or a trailer.

Consider factors when buying a wood chipper


The wood chipper uses a powerful motor to turn and grind the blade with enough force to cut solid wood quickly. The greater the power of the motor, the larger the branches that the blade can cut. The rotational force exerted by the motor on the object is called torque. Torque is usually measured in foot-pounds (ft-lbs), and most household wood chippers have torque ratings between 7 ft-lbs and about 15 ft-lbs.

Cutting blade

The cutting capacity and size of the cutting blade are also important factors to consider when choosing a wood chipper. A wood chipper with a 2 to 3 inch cutting blade can cut small branches for light to medium jobs. Wood chippers with 4 to 7 inch cutting blades can handle larger branches for medium to heavy operations.

Reduction ratio

The compression ratio of a wood chipper is a ratio indicating how fine the material passes through the wood chipper. The higher the ratio, the smaller the material. The reduction ratio of wood chippers usually ranges from 8:1 to 20:1. The greater the ratio, the greater the power, the smaller the size of the material to be cut, and the higher the price of the wood chipper. Therefore, if the requirements for debris are not high, you can choose a wood chipper with a lower crushing rate to save some money.

Bag size

When choosing a wood chipper with a bag or trash can, you also need to consider the capacity of the storage container. The larger the trash can, the heavier the empty weight and the harder it is to move. Therefore, choosing a wood chipper with a bag with a suitable capacity and size is very important for the person who uses the machine.

Other considerations

If you are in a residential area, please choose a less noisy electric wood chipper or a pneumatic wood chipper that is equipped with a muffler. If you are not familiar with wood chippers, you can choose to buy a chipper with a quick start function. In addition, the wood chipper must also have built-in safety features to protect users from injury, such as a chute guard to prevent debris from flying back, and an emergency stop button in case it gets caught.

These are all our recommendations for purchasing a wood chipper. As a well-known wood chipper manufacturer in China, Dongquan provides various types of high-quality wood chippers and professional chipper knowledge. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.



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