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What are the common faults of small excavators

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Nowadays, small excavators are the most common agricultural machinery in garden agronomy. It is inevitable that small failures occasionally occur during use. So what are the common failures of small excavators? How to deal with these faults?

Black smoke from exhaust

Some users often encounter black smoke from the exhaust pipe of the excavator when using a small excavator to reclaim the soil. This situation may occur because the heat sink or filter element is blocked, and the pressure in the engine cylinder is insufficient. The turbo booster has carbon deposits or is damaged, and there is a problem with the fuel transfer pump, fuel injection pump, or fuel injector. Through the investigation of the above problems one by one, the problem of black smoke from the exhaust pipe can be solved. To

Unstable engine operation, overload, holding the car

The engine is the core equipment of a small excavator. When using a small excavator, the farmer finds that the acceleration is weak, and the engine is unstable, which results in the situation of holding the car. This situation is caused by insufficient engine power. Therefore, when dealing with this kind of failure, it is necessary to check the air filter blockage, exhaust pipe blockage, fuel supply, piston and cylinder liner wear, fuel system and other aspects. After solving the above problems, the engine running can cause the problem of holding the car. Solved it easily.

Large engine displacement

Many people who operate small excavators may find that the exhaust volume behind the excavator is very large. This situation is mainly caused by the wear of the piston and piston ring cylinder liner. After replacing the old piston, it can avoid the exhaust. The problem of excessive air volume.

Engine won't start

The engine cannot be started is the most troublesome problem for the excavator owner. If this problem occurs, it is necessary to check whether the electric battery voltage of the excavator is normal and whether it is damaged. If it is damaged, it needs to be repaired in time.

High oil consumption

Many excavator owners find that their excavators consume a lot of fuel when using small excavators, and they run out of oil after a short time. This situation is mainly due to the wear of pistons and cylinder liners, and the exhaust gas turbocharger may also float. The damage of the oil seal causes the valve guide to split, so you can check the above two possibilities one by one, and then replace the worn parts, you can solve the problem of large oil consumption of small excavators.

Most small excavators are agricultural excavators. Many excavator owners will use excavators when reclaiming the soil. Therefore, the frequency of use is very high. It is normal for a small fault to occur. Just find the problem. solve.

Dongquan small excavator has a wide range of applications, high cost performance, low fuel consumption, easy operation, and novices can quickly get started. It is the first choice mechanical equipment for reclaiming loose ground and gardening.



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