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Top 10 Wood Chipper Manufacturer

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Some of the world's leading wood chipper manufacturers are provided below for your reference and detailed understanding of the wood chipper. details as follows:


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Custom Truck One Source (Custom Truck) is the first true single-source provider of specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions, offering a vast rental fleet, new and used equipment sales, aftermarket parts and tooling supply, world-class service, customization and remanufacturing, in-house financing solutions and reliable liquidity of aged assets through our auction. Our equipment breadth, seasoned experts, and integrated network of locations across North America together deliver superior service and unmatched efficiency to our customers. Dig in at and keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Wallenstein began building log splitters over 25 years ago near the rural community of Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada. Originally sold direct to customers, these log splitters quickly gained a reputation for being of the highest quality with exceptional durability.

Early customers began talking about their “Wallenstein log 

splitters” leading to the “Wallenstein” brand name. The company quickly grew and within a few years Wallenstein log splitters could be found in national retailers and farm equipment dealerships across Canada.

Today, Wallenstein continues to build on the reputation for durability and quality, and produces multiple product lines used by satisfied customers around the world.

land pride

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Land owners can utilize a Land Pride WC1504 Wood Chipper and their subcompact tractor to quickly turn mountains of limbs into chips for mulch or just to aid in decomposition. Driven by the tractor's PTO, this unit features a self-feeding 4" cutting capacity, four reversible and replaceable hardened-steel knives, adjustable discharge chute, and direct drive to rotor. Adjustable support stands help elevate the Wood Chipper to match the height to your tractor's output shaft, enabling the driveline to remain straight and level.


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ECHO’s line of chippers/shredders are made to pulverize branches, limbs and debris up to 3 inch diameter into ¾ inch thick wood chips.  It can take 10 bags of yard debris and reduce it into one while opening up multiple ways to utilize what’s been shredded.  Save time and reuse the mulch to protect and promote healthy plant growth.


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Qingdao Dongquan Garden Machinery Co., LTD. was formally established, and as a business branch of the parent company will flourish. Qingdao Dongquan Garden Machinery Co., LTD. is located in the state-level strategic new district, the traffic business district of West Coast New District, Qingdao,and is adjacent to the west High-speed railway^qUxJg$c5ad3112666222bd7ad7da7afea4e82245c12b0cd Station with convenient transportation. It covers an area of 5000 square meters and has 200 employees, including 20 technical team members.It is mainly engaged in firewood machine, wood grinder, grass crusher, mixer, small excavator, lawn mower, hedger, tiller, folding car and other garden (agriculture) machinery and equipment.


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Our industrial wood chipper is widely used in woods, parks, gardens, orchards, neighboehoods and golf courses. It is mainly used to chip the various branches and tree trunks cut off by trimmng trees. This industrial wood chipper can reduce the cost of transporting branches and trunks. And the industrial wood chipper can also quickly clean the sites for trimming trees. Each industrial wood chipper has a tow bar, it can be easily towed by a towing vehicle.

trade peak

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  • Good knowledge and rich experience on different market can meet special requirements.

  • Strong professional technical team and advanced technology ensures to produce the high, stable quality specialized dumper.

  • Provide all the details of this motorcycle to you during the mass production. Your complaints and requirements are highly respects.

  • Special cost control system ensure to provide the most favorable price.

  • OEM service is welcome.

  • Our aim: Ensure the satisfaction of the customers. Several products series have passed CE certificates by TUV.

wood max

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WoodMaxx Power Equipment Ltd. was started by an Army infantry veteran of 14 years in 2008. The idea was conceived while looking for a compact, yet strong PTO chipper, that could hold-up to the rigors of clearing multi-acre parcel lots. Unsatisfied with any of the machines available on the market, WoodMaxx set out to develop their own. Through much research & development, the first WoodMaxx chipper was created. Today there are thousands of WoodMaxx implements in service worldwide and still going strong.


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Whether you’re clearing the field or stockpiling firewood, count on Champion’s dependable line of hydraulic log splitters for time-saving, heavy duty, portable log splitting power.

wood mizer

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Split your wood chunks, crotches, end cuts, and firewood logs with Wood-Mizer gas and skid steer log splitters. Built in the USA, Wood-Mizer FS300, FS350, FS350 skid steer, and FS500 hydraulic log splitters provide many unique features for firewood producers to maximize efficiency and productivity without the higher cost investment of a firewood processor. Portability, dual action wood splitting, and an efficient and ergonomic operator location make Wood-Mizer wood splitters a profitable investment for homeowners, landowners, farm operations, small firewood businesses, and commercial firewood companies.

In addition to the above 10 wood chipper, there are many other well-known brands in the world. The characteristics of these brand-name machineries are similar to the ten brands introduced in detail above, so I will not repeat them one by one. Those who are interested can go to the corresponding official website to browse. I hope the above content will be useful to you.



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