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Operating the Wood Chipper

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It may be helpful to better familiarize yourself with the features of your Wood Chipper before beginning the steps outlined in this chapter.


  1. Read and understand all instructions, safety precautions, and/or warnings listed in “PART I: General Safety Rules” before operating the WOOD CHIPPER. If any doubt or question arises about the correct or safe method of performing anything found in this manual, please contact the dealers in your area.

  2. When operating the Wood Chipper, make sure you are standing in the safe operating area (OPERATOR ZONE). You must stay in the safe operating area at all times when the ram is in motion (whether extending or retracting). Never place any part of your body into a position that causes an unsafe operating condition.

  3. Before loading and operating the Wood Chipper, always wear protective gear, including safety goggles, hearing protection, tight-fitting gloves without draw strings or loose cuffs, and steel-toed shoes.

  4. Knowing the correct and incorrect methods of Chipping woods. Never using an incorrect or unsafe method.


  1. Position your Wood Chipper on flat, dry ground, and then stop the front wheel with brake, make sure the machine cannot be moved.

  2. Make sure the fuel shut-off valve is in the “ON” position.

  3. Move the choke control lever to the “CHOKE” position (should only be needed if the engine is cold).

  4. Move the throttle control lever to the “FAST” position.

  5. Recoil Start: Turn the Ignition Switch to the “On” position. Grasp the recoil starter handle and slowly pull until you feel resistance. Let the cord retract a little bit then pull the cord rapidly to start the engine. One or two pulls usually starts the engine.

  6. Electric Start: Turn and hold the Key in the start position until Engine starts then let the Key return to run position.

  7. Move the choke control lever (if used for cold engine) slowly back to the “RUN” position when the engine is running well.

  8. If the Wood Chipper has not been running (cold engine), warm up the engine by running the engine at half throttle for 3 to 4 minutes, then advance the engine throttle control to the maximum speed.


  1. Move the Throttle Lever to IDLE.

  2. Recoil Start: Turn the Ignition Switch to the OFF position.

  3. Electric Start: Turn the Key to the OFF position.

Operator Zone

Operator Zone

Wood Chipping


Woods’ and branches’ diameter should be no bigger than 120mm.


  • Do not place your hands into the chute when loading. This is a very UNSAFE method and could result in injury to your hands.

  • Do not reach or step across the rail while the Wood Chipper is running. This is a very UNSAFE method which could cause personal injury, even death.

When Blocked

If the Roller stops while chipping woods or branches, the engine should be stopped, and take out the woods which stuck the roller, and then restart the engine, and chip again.



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