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How to maintain the branch shredder in hot and humid weather

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The branch shredder often rains in hot and humid weather and is relatively large. The chemical reflection of the rust of the steel parts of the branch shredder. In addition to blockage and reduced production capacity of over-wet wood, the loss of wood shredder will also increase. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a daily maintenance of the branch shredder when the wet wood is crushed in time.

Most customers of our wood shredders are equipped with wheels to work in the field, and it is inevitable to be embarrassed by the rainy weather. If our wood chipper is raining, we should immediately turn off the power supply and stop working. Do a good job of waterproofing. The mobile device can be moved to a sheltered place with a roof. If there is no roof, cover the branch shredder with plastic film or other waterproof materials as much as possible to prevent rain. As well as our power distribution cabinets and other wood chipper accessories, we must do a good job of waterproofing. The power distribution cabinet is the power source of our equipment, and it is not sloppy. The branch shredder is waterproof. When the weather stops, we must do some post-rain treatment on the branch shredder, so that the branch shredder can work normally without reducing its lifespan. During the use of the branch shredder, we must keep abreast of the weather conditions and protect the equipment in advance. Do a good job of lubrication, reduce the friction of the branch shredder, etc., even when the branch shredder is idle, the maintenance of the equipment should not be relaxed.

The high moisture content of the feed branches, wood, branches and other materials will also cause the machine itself to heat up more frequently. When such a situation occurs, it is necessary to slow down the feeding speed and control the moisture content of the material. Too much wet wood will cause the sawdust to not be discharged in time, which will block the screen and reduce production efficiency.



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