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How a Wood Chipper Works?

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When it comes to getting rid of fallen trees or other undesirable wood on your property, a wood chipper can be a very useful tool. These machines can bring a number of advantages, but what if you don't understand how they work?

Let us therefore try to understand this in this article how a wood chipper works and what to keep in mind if you choose to use one. That way, when the time comes for you to use your own chipper, you will be ready.

Dongquan is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of small wood chippers and shredders in China. Let us try to figure out how does a wood chipper work.

The following are the various wood chipper processing mechanisms:

1.Drum Chippers

Inside the machine, there is a big, motor-driven drum. Material can be pulled in by drums before being chopped and directed to the right chute. Drum-style chippers are rapid, but they are loud and need to be operated carefully. To avoid bottlenecks and jams, users must feed carefully.

2.Disk chippers

Disk chippers are machines that use a steel disc with blades cut into the edges. The material to be chipped is moved toward the blades using wheels. Disks are available in a variety of sizes and horsepower.

3.High Torque Rollers

Electric chippers frequently have torque rollers. Electric chippers are often chosen by homeowner’s association and respectful neighbours since they are quieter than gas-powered chippers. Rather than cutting the material, the rollers ground it.

Here is how it will work

  • The engine generates power by rotating the crankshaft.

  • The clutch is connected to the crankshaft, and it can move or stop the drive belt. The clutch engages the drive belt and causes it to turn when the engine is at or above 1,600 rpm.

  • The chipper knife is incorporated within the impeller, which is turned by the driving belt.

  • As wood enters the hopper, it is shredded into tiny woodchips by the spinning impeller and chipper knife.

  • The woodchips are pushed out the discharge chute by fins on the back of the impeller and airflow from the vents.

Types of Wood Chippers

Wood chippers come in a variety of size and shapes, ranging from small domestic units to big industrial models.

1.High-Torque Roller

Low-speed rollers with high torque are common. They are quiet because they are powered by an electric motor, making them a popular choice for domestic applications. They are also self-feeding, and some have anti-jamming capabilities.

2.Drum Wood Shredder

The big, motor-powered drum at the centre of the machine is known as a drum wood chipper. The drum, similar to a feeder, sucks material in and chips it as it moves towards the output chute.

3.Disc Chipper

A disc chipper consists of a steel disc with cutting blades attached. Hydraulic wheels extract material from the hopper, which is subsequently transported toward the spinning disc.

The blades come into contact with the wood as the disc rotates, slicing the material into chips. The disc of an industrial disc chopper can be as large as 160 inches in diameter, and the engine can produce up to 5,000 horsepower.



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