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DQGC550C lawn mower instructions

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1.Remote mower preparation before starting

  • be sure to confirm the tightness of each component screw before starting work.

  • turn on the power key switch of the machine, pull down the right control rod backward and keep it, then press the open key of the remote control and turn on the remote control.

  • when the remote controller is turned on, there will be a 'drop', indicating that the machine matches the remote control normally.

2.the engine starts

  • Pull the brake on the right round head handle of the engine (at the same time, it also disconnects the flameout switch).

  • Turn the left throttle to the end counterclockwise (so as to open the engine valve at the same time).

  • Do not open the power key of the instrument panel (turn on the power key to start the engine will work hard, and then turn on the power switch after the engine starts).

  • Pull the hand pull the rope hard and start the engine

  • Adjust the throttle to the appropriate speed in time after starting the engine.

  • Operate the remote control to mow the grass.

3.Description of the remote control

D ≤ R switch (size rudder): adjust the walking speed of the machine (the factory defaults to the high speed gear) the left joystick controls the machine to walk back and forth, and the right joystick controls the left and right turns. 5 channels (two-stage switch): cutter head lift, adjust the cutting height of the cutter head. (after adjusting the height, remember the section switch return position to prevent burning up the elevator motor) rudder fine adjustment (left and right adjustment): when adjusting the walking speed of the machine, the electric adjustment in the machine will emit the sound of "Didi Didi", then the 'rudder fine adjustment' button can be used until the internal electric adjustment of the machine does not make a sound. Throttle fine tuning (up and down adjustment): the same principle as the 'rudder fine tuning' button. Power switch: push up and turn on the remote control, pull down and turn off the remote control. Channel switch (figure below).



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