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5 Wood Chipper Safety Tips For Home Using

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Wood chippers are powerful tools that turn downed trees into wood chips and usable mulch. While the machine is excellent for clearing a yard with overgrown trees, this tool demands lots of responsibility.


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So, how common are wood chipper accidents? Wood chippers are among the most dangerous machines. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 1992 to 2002, there were 31 occupational injury deaths associated with mobile wood chippers. Over 68% of the deaths were as a result of getting caught by the chipper while 29% were due to being struck by the machine.


To prevent more injuries and deaths, follow the proper safety techniques when working with wood chippers. Below are important wood chipper safety tips.


Read and Understand the Operator's Guide


Every wood chipper comes with an operator's guide. The guide includes all you need to know about the wood chipper from the machine parts to the safety instructions.

 wood chipper

Wood Chipper


The operator's guide will include instructions on making sure that the emergency stop is rightly connected. If using the machine and the wire is not connected, it can result in serious injury or death.


You'll read that operators must be fully trained before using the wood chipper. Also, they should read and understand the user manual plus ensure a fire extinguisher is available on site.


If you want to know more about the wood chipper, see here:


Wear Safety Gear


A wood chipper is a high-powered machine with moving parts that operate with high energy. Unsafe operation of the machine can create several hazards for you and anyone else close by. To prevent hazards, always wear protective goggles or safety glasses with side shields. The goggles protect your eyes from thrown debris.



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Avoid wearing jewelry and loose clothing as they can get caught on moving parts. We recommend wearing gloves but make sure they fit properly and do not have drawstrings or loose cuffs.


When it comes to shoes, find those with non-slip treats. But if you have safety shoes, the better. Never operate the machine while wearing open sandals or whole barefoot.


Stay Alert

Tragic accidents can occur if you're not alert when using a wood chipper. As you know, children and pets are usually attracted to machines such as wood chippers and the chipping activity. You should always be aware of the presence of children and pets.


Never assume that children will stay away from the running wood chippers. To prevent accidents, keep children and pets at least 50 feet away from the working area. If kids or pets enter the work area, turn the machine off.


Lastly, never allow children to operate the wood chipper.


Clean Up the Work Area


Before you start using a wood chipper, clear the area. Start by eliminating barriers and tripping hazards around the wood chipper. By keeping the work area clean, you ensure unobstructed mobility. The wood chipper may have a collection bin or bag for collecting the chipped debris but do not allow the wood chips to stack up. Once the pile starts to grow too big, turn off the wood chipper. Remove the debris and then store them away from the work area. This eliminates the threat of slipping and falling.


General Safety


Operating a wood chipper is necessary to minimize and prevent serious injuries and even death. When operating a wood chipper, take the following precautions. First, exercise extreme caution when using a wood chipper. Designed to chip woods, do not use it for any other purpose.


Second, never operate a wood chipper on an icy, muddy, wet, or slippery surface. If you do so, the chances of falling or slipping are high, and you could injure yourself. Always read and understand the manufacturer's instructions for proper operation. 



Source: Pixabay


Third, never make any modifications to your wood chipper. That includes bending, removing, fitting, cutting, welding, or altering any parts of your wood chipper. This includes guards and shields. Doing so could cause property damage, personal injuries, and even invalidate your warranty.


Fourth, if the machine starts vibrating or making an unusual noise, shut down the wood chipper and disconnect the spark plug wire. Keep the spark plug wire away from the spark plug. This prevents accidental starting. Wait for 5 minutes for the engine to cool down before inspecting the damage.


Lastly, never tamper with any safety devices. Check the instruction manual.


Final Words


Never allow people unfamiliar with wood chippers to use them. Only allow skilled, and responsible people familiar with the operator's guide and safe operation of the machine.

piece of wood

 Source: Pixabay


Do not operate the machine under the influence of medication, drugs, and alcohol. These substances inhibit your concentration, and if you're not alert, accidents may happen. Since your safety and that of others is important, always remember the five safety tips we discussed.


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